Work With Us

Inspire Our Students

Our biggest asset are our teachers, We give our students the best training possible. Although a lot of children like to perform for fun, we often come across students that would like to further their studies and take performing on as a career, therefore we supply our students with tutors that can take you that extra mile.

Our classes run across Sussex with our main focus on Horsham, Crawley and East Grinstead so if your local to any of these areas do contact us to see how you can get involved. We offer great pay to our instructors, Please get in touch should there be any subject that you feel would inspire and develop our students. We are open minded and even though we believe in the regular subjects of Dance Acting and Singing we are more than open to hearing from other forms of art that you believe would benefit our students.

Our students Imagine, Learn and Believe and we would like all of our teachers to install this in to our young students.

Dancers from East Grinstead and Crawley on display

Teach Singing

We want to connect with vocal coaches, whichever style you excel in we would like to hear from you, we like to train our student's in all aspects of the art. Anything from Rock, Pop to Gospel or Musical theater, we want to hear from you.

Teach Acting

Our students love to participate in different styles of acting, they have all experienced different classes from comedy to serious drama. We like to get them ready for everything from the stage, to film and even the odd TV Commercial.

Teach Dance

At SA Academy dance is our fortieth, Our students love to get involved and try out all different styles. If your a dance teacher and you can offer our students a style of dance that you excel in, We would like to hear from you, were interested in all styles.

We want to hear from Inspirational teachers.